Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I decided I didn't like the plain four bolt look on the car and the smoothie hubcaps look nice but I wanted something a little more racy looking so I have been looking for something to spruce up the wheels for awhile. I found these plastic covers in our local VW parts store, the world famous BOW WOW auto parts, they were hanging way up near the ceiling all dusty and they had 5 left so I bought them all to try them out. 5 bucks each so what the hell. I found some Porsche crest badges on ebay for 15 bucks that were the same size as the VW emblem in the center that look pretty good.

I had a moment of inspiration today anf thought there might be a way to make them match the chrome wheels a little better so I stopped by the local NAPA store and bought a can of Duplicolor chrome paint. I them trimmed all the sharp edges and flash off the hubcap and primed it with Krylon Fusion paint. This paint is made to stick to plastic and is an enamel just like the chrome paint and really works well. After the Fusion was dry I put on a good coat of the chrome and it layed down really smooth over the Fusion and looks like polished Aluminum. I think they loook pretty cool. The caps are made by REVESCAR and I don't know if they are even available any more but there should be some floating around out there someplace.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Which way do we go?

Got my steering wheel dilemma sorted out. Keep in mind that if you use a NARDI steering wheel and the adaptor that T/R uses on their cars with it. The steering shaft that you need to use is the pre collapsible shaft version. I'll call it the middle years version. It's after the late 50's models and say pre 1970. The late 50's models have very large chunky splines on the shaft. The middle years have kind of finer machined splines and the collapsible shafts have a smaller overall diameter with small splines. I was able to get another complete shaft assy. from a friend so I'm good to go. Just need to cut to length now.