Sunday, February 10, 2008

Details Details.....

My stuff arrived from Fibersteel Friday so this weekend I finished up the brake and Clutch hydraulic lines and got them secured to the floor with clamps and got the holes for the front and rear badges and crests drilled. Kind of a tricky job with not template for the crests but the old measure four times drill once worked out ok for me. I also mounted the engine cover tie down straps.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


So while I am waiting for T/R to ship me the new J tubes I thought it would bo good to get the brakes and clutch lines run. This requires drilling a few holes in the front tub and the center rib in the passenger compartment and also in the rear firewall. I used a .500" diameter drill to do this as the fittings were already on the lines had and they needed to fit through the holes. My Brother Bob came over to help and he did some nice clean tube bending up front to make sure it all fit nice. We also mounted the master cylinder for the brakes. The clutch cylinder has a resivoir on it but the instructions say to mount one so I guess they have changed parts for that. Did not have time to fill and bleed it all but it looks like it should all work fine.