Sunday, December 6, 2009

now where did this go................................?

Got the car back from the painter yesterday morning and today I started putting all the big parts and trim pieces back on the car. I need to finesse the mounting holes for the windshield a little to make it fit better. They are angled a little too much so the windshield will not lay flat in the bottom seal retainer. It looks like I just need to file a little off the back sides of the mounting holes and it should drop right in.
The paint looks good, I'm happy with the colors. Tried to get a couple shots outside in the light but we don't have much of that up here this time of year.


Lil Auto said...

Looks good Mike! I'm having the same trouble with my windshield. The gap on the bottom is too big! I'm going to use a piece of weather stripping between the lower rubber and the body to fill the gap. I guess the windshield assembly is for a Speedster and the gap is hidden by the dash pad. Can't wait to see the interior!

stjepan said...

great job. dou you maybe have blueprints of porsche 550 chassis or more detail pucture of it? Im traying to make my own soo any help will bee good. My mail is


Iron Mike said...

Sorry Stjepan I do not have prints for the car, you would probably have better luck contacting Thunder Ranch Cars or Chuck Beck if you want plans for the frame.