Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tank install.....................

Finished up installing the hardware on the gas tank today. Fitted the filler and the fuel level sensor. Had a minor fit issue (one that I had been worried about since I sent the car to get painted) with the fuel filler and the cutout in the hood. Mine did not line up very well and actualy rubbed on the filler cap. So, I got out the trust Dremel tool and enlarged the opening a little bit. One other thing to keep in mind in order for the tank to fit flush in the hole for it you need to drill a hole in the body for the fuel outlet on the tank to fit in or the tank will not sit flush in the hole. I suggest you do this first and see how the filler lines up with the hole before doing any surgery.
I also finished painting the faux cooler grill for the front of the car and installed it today and it looks great.

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